About The Novel

The Life Experience of Joe Jackson is the novel which I am currently which I am self publishing to raise funds for The Joe Jackson Foundation for Humanity.

It is a novel which I have been researching and writing for over a year now consisting of a combination of the thoughts, feelings, frustrations, insights, discoveries, revelations and observations which I have experienced during the last 38 years of my life in this existence. It is the story of a character named Joe Jackson and his experience of his life in the existence within which he found himself, hence the title “The Life Experience of Joe Jackson”.

In summary, “It is the story of a man who couldn´t accept the world he had been born into, who spent the rest of his life trying to change it into how he knew it should be.”

Much of what you read about Joe is taken from my own life experiences to date, as many of these experiences are the reasons why I felt I needed to write this novel in the first place. However, in order to tell the full story of my life I needed to create a fictional character, or pseudonym, a.k.a. Joe Jackson; because as far as I am aware I still have a lot of years left in this life which are yet to be lived, but I needed to tell the story of a character from when they were born to when they were reborn and beyond. This is why you are about to read the story of Joe Jackson as opposed to my own, albeit with many excerpts from my own experiences to date.

Writing the novel in this way also enabled me to let my imagination go wild and provided me with the flexibility to write a novel that was based on fact as well as fiction, and have some fun in being able to predict Joe´s future (or my own), and write about where I think all of this will take us and what I believe we will achieve together.

What we will discover over the coming weeks, months and years as the novel is launched into our world and shared throughout our society, will either resonate within us or not. It´s success will be governed by some of the oldest laws in our existence including cause and effect, reciprocation, attraction, suggestion, distribution, appreciation and gestation. And if I am right, if what I feel is correct, then the novel will eventually find its way to everyone in this existence no matter what language they speak, where they live, what colour or creed they are, or what situation they are in, because regardless of our differences in this physical reality, I believe we are all asking the same questions and we are all searching for the same answers, just like Joe.

As you will discover later in the novel when Joe creates what he calls your “Conscious Life Cycle”, and how important it is to make a conscious choice at every stage of the cycle, and how important that is in shaping exactly what life experience you have at any given moment, one of the critical steps of that cycle is consciously choosing your perception of stimuli, and in this case the stimuli are the words which you are reading right now. What you take from the novel – these words which are merely characters on a white background; what you gain from the novel; what you read and remember from the novel; and how you interpret what you read in the novel, has nothing to do with what I write. It has everything to do with what you read, and is totally dependent on you and what you choose the words will mean to you. For they mean nothing until you decide what context, perception and meaning you want to associate with them, and even though each of you will read the same words in the same order you will all read something different based on the context, perception and meaning you choose.

I believe the novel will touch everyone´s lives in some way and will also be the vehicle and enabler to fund the foundation and drive the revolution. Both of which up until now have been my dreams which I hope, with your help, will become a reality for all of us to share and celebrate in.

Once the novel has been released into our world I already have plans to write several other novels about specific areas that are covered in the novel including Conscious Choice, Perception, Religion and Ego.

You can find more information about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson, The Joe Jackson Revolution and the The Joe Jackson Foundation for Humanity on the other headings on this blog, and for those of you who feel inspired to start reading my novel and simultaneously contribute to our foundation, here is the link to the official website for the foundation which provides you with the platform to purchase and read my novel.


I have tried my best to cover everything I wanted to say but I am sure I haven´t covered everything, and some of you may have questions about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson. If you have any questions and you seek more information or clarification on anything you read, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at joejackson131273@gmail.com or post your questions and comments on the blog, and I will endeavour to answer you to the best of my abilities at the time. Please also click on the follow button on the main page to receive future posts and updates as I create them, if you feel this will be of value to you.

Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

Joe Jackson

8 responses to “About The Novel

  1. jackieblue64

    What a blessing to have such wisdom given at this extremely important time for humanity. I pray that folks open themselves to this divine knowledge and take the time to learn Who we really are, and more importantly What WE are all capable as ONE! MUCH LOVE and THANKS for sharing. 🙂

    • WOW! Thank you Jackie for your very kind insight and I hope your prayer is answered. As you will read in the preface I focus on this fact, that it is not up to me and what I write that will determine this transformation, it is up to the reader and what they read and if they see the need to transform. Only time will tell and whether the laws that govern our existence play a part in the awareness moving from the page and into one´s conscious being. Thanks again for your kind words.

  2. cosmic_cheri

    This will be the book to read for generations to come. How lucky we are to take part in this adventure all together. We’re being taken for a ride, learning about ourselves and giving back to Humanity all at once “The Life Experience of Joe Jackson” is pure genius. Thank you Joe, for all you are doing. I am extremely grateful & honored to be one of your readers. Much love to you 🙂

  3. GREET Dear Sir. I look forward to reading more of your insights, and then to support your cause. Wee need more good hearted souls as yourself shining new ways of human perception. Thats the beginning of renewed Hope in a hopeless society. I LOVE your heart. I melt by words of your romantic heart and happily follow your words closely on Twitter. It lifts me from an isolated & Empty shell where Hope sometimes flee. God is doing a good thing in you, and I hope you walk in life continues. Hand in hand with LOVE, as it makes you shine your greatest. Love & Light to you my dear Sir. ╭♥╯╭♥╯~Natalie Madrid

  4. Love&Peace

    Being concretes and improve ourselves and our quality of life, has become essential for the Big Change.
    Getting to know and control body and mind, through relaxation techniques, visualization, concentration, meditation, self-hypnosis, plunge ourselves in the mirror of our inner detector, is the key to understanding ourselves.
    This is the first step granted to all people who learn to work on themselves. The road is open to all. Once we decided, we give rise to a mechanism that is difficult to stop. After, we can reach other destinations, each in relation of our own personality and evolution. As we proceed, we realize we have acquired a greater confidence and self-confidence and continuing our research, by chance, we meet people who are making the same. Thanks to our will, our commitment, we create a bridge of perception for our Spiritual growth.
    I love this adventure…
    Thanks for this blog and your wonderful work…I don’t feel to be alone and yes, we are ALL ONE!
    Much Love to you ,Joe!

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