About the Foundation

The Joe Jackson Foundation for Humanity is a global philanthropic organisation which I have founded as the primary entity to conduct the philanthropic activities which I wish to pursue, in my efforts to improve this existence in the areas where I feel require the most change and will have the biggest impact in our world. I will not necessarily be focusing my efforts on one particular area or geographical location, but rather on what you the readers feel needs to change as our online community grows, as well as some of the key things that are very close to my heart which I so desperately think need to be addressed in our world, so our existence becomes what I believe it was intended to be.

At a high level, to start with the foundation will direct it´s activities in areas that need the most help where it can have the biggest impact, wherever in the world that is. And as we progress, and as more funding is raised from your investments in purchasing the novel and future novels as I release them, I anticipate the activities and accomplishments of the foundation will grow beyond our wildest dreams, as we help more and more individuals and communities live a better life.

At this stage, I do not necessarily know all of the areas the foundation will work in as there is still much for me to discover as I begin to learn from you and the community we build as part of this revolution regarding where assistance and change is required, as there are many things to fix and improve in this world of ours. This is not just about what I want to change; it is about what you feel needs to change too!

I do however have some very radical ideas and dreams which I want to pursue that may not necessarily be accomplished in my lifetime but I will at least be able to start laying the foundations. For example, I do not see the need for having a single gun in this existence or why it was invented in the first place, and our world would be a far better place without guns or any weapons that can cause harm to another human being. They simply have no positive purpose here. I do not understand why we have decided to divide up this world into countries and borders when it was whole to start with. We have merely created division between us in an existence that isn´t meant to be divided and again, serves no positive purpose.

I see major flaws in how we are slaves to our ego´s, individual and collective, and how many of us spend our entire lives making decisions based on what others will think about us or we continually look outside of ourselves for appreciation or acceptance from other ego´s. The interesting thing is, when every single one of us is facing our final hour, and we allow our ego to finally let go of its grip on our soul, it is usually only then that most of us realise many of the things we worried about or thought were important are not important at all, but by then, it is too late.

When I refer to the ego and the problems I think are caused by the ego, I am talking about any ego. Whether individual ego, collective ego, patriotic ego, sexual ego, racial ego, corporate ego, religious ego, or any other kind or type of ego. Regardless of the ego type, as long as it exists in our existence there will always be division and separateness between us hindering collaboration and freedom. And the chances are, at some point in your life you have certainly been living your life in one or more of these fictitious entities, just like I was.

What I also know is the more funding we raise by your investments in purchasing the novel and future novels which I publish, the more the foundation will be able to achieve and the greater the results will be. Not only will you be contributing to the foundation by purchasing the novel but as you will read in this preface, you will also be able to get directly involved in the initiatives that the foundation delivers on if that is something you want to do. After all, sharing is caring and we all want to do something good in our lives.

Without sounding too wishy-washy I want the foundation to address areas such as our education systems looking into specific issues like curriculum, measurement, bullying, effectiveness, continuous improvement and results. This will also include looking at areas such as ego, perception, compassion and humility so we can actually start educating our children with life skills and values they will actually use and benefit from, as opposed to useless information that the majority of them never use. I also want to look at local empowerment where we raise the education and skills of individuals in third world countries, as well as improving all aspects of their environment so they are able to manage their existence once our activities are completed. One of my main dreams is to reach a point where the term “third world country” no longer exists in our world, because we reach a stage where third world countries no longer exist in our world!

I also want the foundation to address areas such as our prison systems, political systems, economic systems, and environmental issues because it is clear that there are many things in these areas that are way out of balance or require massive improvement, and they need radical changes to be implemented or need to be removed altogether, if we are to have a chance of survival as a collective humanity.

What I do know is there are plenty of people in this world of ours that desperately need help and the numbers are growing, so there will be no shortage of opportunities for the foundation to invest in and start achieving positive transformation in people´s lives, wherever they are.

Above all else, I want the foundation to be a celebration. A celebration of life, your life and my life, and the amazing things we can create and do when we work together in collaboration, and the positive, sustainable changes that we make as we travel along this journey together in this magical thing that we call life!

For the corporate types of you out there here are the Mission, Vision, and Values of the foundation. Joking aside, everything the foundation will ever do will always be in line with its Mission, Vision and Values and every single dollar/pound/euro or whatever currency is selected for investment in its philanthropic activities, will be measured against how that investment will deliver against the Mission, Vision and Values of the foundation before the investment is allocated.

Mission and Purpose

  • To support a transformation in our consciousness as a collective humanity, whereby we create an existence where every single human being is born into a world where they can realise their infinite potential, in an environment where they feel safe, secure, and free, and they are able to follow their heart and fulfill their dreams whilst living a life of abundance, creative expression, peace and contribution, without causing harm to their environment or their fellow beings.


  • People – To become a major contributor to the philanthropic activities and initiatives delivered throughout our world and a global resource for helping those in need.
  • Education – To become a pioneer in reinventing our educational systems in line with supporting the core values required in our society and future generations.
  • Environment – To become a considerable contributor to maintaining and supporting sustainable improvements to preserve our environment.
  • Transformation – To be the driving force implementing initiatives throughout our existence, to enable a transformation of our consciousness as a collective humanity and return our existence to how it was intended to be.


  • Peace – Promoting peace throughout our existence.
  • Collaboration – Driving collaboration in our society.
  • Contribution – Contributing to the world in a positive way.
  • Respect – Having a mutual respect for all beings.
  • Possibility – Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

You can find more information about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson, The Joe Jackson Revolution and the The Joe Jackson Foundation for Humanity on the other headings on this blog, and for those of you who feel inspired to start reading my novel and simultaneously contribute to our foundation, here is the link to the official website for the foundation which provides you with the platform to purchase and read my novel.


I have tried my best to cover everything I wanted to say but I am sure I haven´t covered everything, and some of you may have questions about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson. If you have any questions and you seek more information or clarification on anything you read, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at joejackson131273@gmail.com or post your questions and comments on the blog, and I will endeavour to answer you to the best of my abilities at the time. Please also click on the follow button on the main page to receive future posts and updates as I create them, if you feel this will be of value to you.

Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

Joe Jackson

6 responses to “About the Foundation

  1. OG

    World just waiting for such Phenomen like Your project and mission that about to explode. God Bless You for stand up for peaceful leading! –> COUNT ME ON!

    p.s. is participation of some spiritual/cultural projects in support to your aim accepted?.. long Dream Come True!

    BLESSINGS❤ heart2heart

    • Thank you my friend!

      Have you managed to register for the foundation yet to start reading the novel and contributing to the foundation?

      You may want to wish this first and I hope you choose to join us and become one of the 20 Million Readers who help to change our world!

      Take Care


    • With regards to your question the foundation will support any projects that are in line with the Mission, Vision and Values of the foundation, regardless of how they are labelled or described.

      I hope you join us.


  2. OG

    yeas , dear Joe, I definitely join, its honor to be part of your mission.

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