About the Revolution

Welcome to the Joe Jackson Revolution!

When I refer to the word “revolution” in this context I mean the following – “A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure within which we live, a complete and marked change in how we live together in this existence and a revolution in one´s circumstances or way of living”.

I am not necessarily talking about a specific revolution such as political, religious or economic, although I do believe all of these will need to change to enable the foundation to be a success, as we start to break down the current barriers and divisions between us that clearly hinder our progress as a collective humanity.

What I am talking about is rather a revolution of our own consciousness and the way each of us perceives our world and others around us, as well as how each of us perceive ourselves. This by default will be a revolution of our society as you discover a new way to live that feels so much better than the way you have been living as part of our society, and so our society will enjoy that same revolution that you experience, because you are a part of that society.

On a larger scale the revolution is what I believe will be a revolution of our world and how we live in our world together. I believe there will be a revolution of how we treat each other, how we manage and govern our existence, how we learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently, and how we will realise that some of the ways we having been living for hundreds of years are flawed, and have a limited lifespan if we are to survive together in this existence.

Why do I think there will be a revolution? Because our planet and our species needs it to survive together as a collective humanity and just as Joe saw the necessity of a revolution, I believe so will you, if you haven´t already.

This revolution I refer to is something which I feel will happen as a result of the world (and by that I mean you) reading the novel and sharing it, because I have written it with the purpose of disrupting your thoughts and upsetting your current conditioning. To get you the reader to look at your life and how you live your life in a different way to how you have always looked at it, and maybe if you extend me the courtesy, you may see it as a better way than before and will therefore want to transform and change it yourself.

If you consider the law of cause and effect, just by releasing the novel into this existence creates a cause which therefore will have an effect. What I am saying is I believe the effect will be a revolution. A revolution of the way you choose your life experience, perceive your life experience, share your life experience and enjoy your life experience. A revolution of how you perceive yourself in relation to every other being in this existence. A revolution of your individual and our collective consciousness, and of the way we all coexist in this existence moving forward.

I am not necessarily saying that there is nothing good about our current existence and the way each of us deals with and lives in this existence as a collective humanity. What I am saying is it can and should be so much better than it is. There is nowhere near enough goodness in this world and it has been like this for too long now. There are pockets of goodness amongst us or areas where there is goodness or where individuals are doing good, even great things. But as a whole, as a collective humanity, we have a long way to go before we are living in this existence in the way I believe we were intended to live and like any change, it will require a revolution.

I believe this revolution will be driven by the novel and it´s release into our world, simply because I feel what it contains will enable you, the reader, to think about things in ways you have never thought about them, which in itself will be a revolution in your own mind. The next revolution will then be how that changes what you do and what outcomes are achieved because of what you do. It will enable you to apply things (beliefs and guidelines) in your life that you have never applied before and it will enable you to live your life (if you choose to) in a way you have never lived your life before and if I am right, all of this will feel a whole lot better than the way you have been living to date, and the results and outcomes you start to experience in your life will be a whole lot better than the results and outcomes you have experienced to date, as well as improving the lives of those around you.

This revolution will require a strong foundation for it to be a success and not only that, it needs to be a foundation constructed with sound beliefs, true values and solid but flexible guidelines, and it will also require a leap of faith from you, the reader. The reason for this is because the beliefs and guidelines upon which this revolution will be built cannot necessarily be proven in our world, but the results and outcomes from this revolution will be clear and will greatly improve our current existence without question. If I am right, if what I feel is true, The Joe Jackson Revolution will not only be something that becomes a reality, it will be a reality that is welcomed into our society by our society with open arms, and by that I mean welcomed by you and all who you know.

In order for any revolution to be a success it needs to be something that is wanted by those who are affected by it, as well as something that is required because a new way needs to be born. I believe both are true in our current existence as it stands today. I believe people want change and I believe change is required. The Joe Jackson Revolution is no different to any other revolution regarding its purpose and like any revolution it begins with action, and massive action at that, and this is where I need your help. This is where your interest and investment in purchasing the novel, and encouraging those who you know to purchase the novel, will raise the funds to enable us to commence the kind of massive action required, so the foundation can successfully implement initiatives and projects throughout the world, delivering sustainable improvements across our planet to people who need it.

In addition, you too will be a part of this revolution because you will have the opportunity to get involved in the initiatives that the foundation delivers throughout our world, if that is something you desire.

You can find more information about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson, The Joe Jackson Revolution and the The Joe Jackson Foundation for Humanity on the other headings on this blog, and for those of you who feel inspired to start reading my novel and simultaneously contribute to our foundation, here is the link to the official website for the foundation which provides you with the platform to purchase and read my novel.


I have tried my best to cover everything I wanted to say but I am sure I haven´t covered everything, and some of you may have questions about The Life Experience of Joe Jackson. If you have any questions and you seek more information or clarification on anything you read, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at joejackson131273@gmail.com or post your questions and comments on the blog, and I will endeavour to answer you to the best of my abilities at the time. Please also click on the follow button on the main page to receive future posts and updates as I create them, if you feel this will be of value to you.

Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

Joe Jackson

2 responses to “About the Revolution

  1. i think that a revelution is necessary in our society and i agree that it is something that must be realized as needed and accepted as a solution by those who read it. Life is so fleeting and even more so in this twenty first century it seems. continue to move forward in your endeavors and i pray that what evolves will one way of helping to close the great divide in our society.

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