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  1. Kat

    Because there are restrictions on the “customer review section” of the site we purchased the preface at, I’ll leave my complete review here.

    This preface is well written, clear and easy to follow and understand. The author writes in detail, of his intentions and how his perception needed to change to allow for a better and happier life. He explains how he came about this life change; the emotions and feelings he went through and by sharing all this, how he can help others. His mission is clear and hopes to channel all that through his book using the character, Joe Jackson. I believe with each chapter I’ll be able to relate to many things, and other things may resonate more so. Lots to look forward to! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this preface and the authors writing style. Bring on Chapter 1!

  2. ML

    This book can be the spark that starts it all, that dream we have deep inside, the dream to have peace on earth.
    To be able to have a shared dream brought to reality…

    How great does that sound?
    For some of us it will sound too wonderful, unrealistic, like a fantasy, or maybe for you it’s an old broken dream. If you are one of them, I encourage you to please read the preface, study the website, the foundation and it might just change your opinion.
    When there are enough people believing in this dream, where we hurt none and build up all, it could actually become the truth before our own eyes, our children’s eyes and our grand-children’s eyes.
    It is so worth to get there, together in this lifetime.

  3. I feel that this book written with love, filled different emotions…
    It’s like a journey which starting from your own mind, feelings, questions…
    Then passes through the “tunnel of time” or human evolution, revealing the secrets of our being and finally leads to bliss and harmony with oneself… what can be called happiness, God, eternity, love etc…. # perceptions

    Thank you Joe, very much for your care about us, about humanity in general, for that you looking for the ways to make our life better and more happy. Cant wait to read the book itself. 🙂

    P.S advice to readers: rereading this book occasionally, our perception is changing, and every time we discover something new to an already read before

  4. cosmic_cheri

    After reading the preface I have been counting down the days for the release of the first chapter. How amazing, we as a community can read this all together and elaborate and discuss together. Joe’s mission is truly one of a kind. How beautiful it is to find someone who really believes in change when the world these days has become so cynical. Reading Joe’s tweets, blog and preface has helped me understand so much it’s unreal and yet we haven’t read the first chapter yet. I can only imagine the impact on how it will resonate with myself and many and it will truly be a beautiful experience. Joe is single handedly tackling the Ego and our obsession with it. Like I said before, we are being taken for a ride on the Life Experience of Joe Jackson.

    Joe you are such a beautiful Soul. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I would like to show you a song which to me is my personal spiritual awakening piece. I hope you enjoy 🙂

    Much Love To You
    Cheri ♥

  5. Just finished the preface. Oh wow, did it resonate? Yes, it did. This is something that has to come to fruition.
    There are only a couple of points that causes a little uneasiness to my conditioned psyche, sure that can be resolved, though.
    Anything that will bring us out of this catatonic state of being, I Am for. most’est blessings to u

  6. С нетерпением жду продолжения, очень интересно, очень вдохновляет, становиться лучше от мысли ,что ты не один так думаешь. Однажды я пыталась написать книгу,хотела сделать мир лучше,но не получилось. Поговорив с людьми натолкнулась на не понимание, на меня смотрели как на сумасшедшую, оптимизм прошел. Нельзя заставить людей думать как хочется, можно только найти единомышленников! Пишите!

    • Thank you for your kind comments and feedback, they are very encouraging and insightful. I certainly understand there will be some challenges regarding achieving a level of understanding of what I am writing about, which I highlight in the preface, and I have committed to completing the novel to appeal to the soul of the individual as opposed to the ego which I believe people in general will be able to connect with.

      Are you interested in reading my novel which is now being self published online?


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